About Open Heart Home Womb: Redeeming Infertility & Embryo Adoption

“A man’s heart can plan his ways, but the Lord directs his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

It’s easy for us to say it. We love texting it to friends when they need some encouragement. We like posting Instagram pictures with it on our coffee mugs. But what about when we don’t like what God is doing? What about when we’d prefer to plan our ways and direct our steps, because we’re not thrilled about how God is directing?

Our stories may all be different, but at one time or another we all ask the question, “In the midst of all this pain and suffering, is God really good?”

Yes. He is.

I know that sounds too easy. But in the midst of a dream-shattering and life-changing walk through the dark valley of infertility, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen His goodness, His kindness, and His faithfulness in new ways. Not where I expected it, but where I needed it. And I want you to experience it too. So that’s why I’m here.

Open Heart Home Womb blossomed from my story of infertility, yes. I’ll absolutely be sharing that story and chronicling our journey with embryo adoption. But this blog is not just for those struggling with infertility. Whatever the darkest and hardest parts of your story are, I am praying that you’ll find hope here. Not hope in my story; not hope in an outcome. But hope in redemption that is sure. Hope in the God who brings healing to the deepest wounds.